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As a client-focused firm, we remain directly connected to the top management of our clients. Strong client understanding at the top levels allow us to play a strong strategic advisory role. And with all services provided in-house, you receive total solutions, better project coordination, a single point of contact, and outstanding attention in the results.


Our operating philosophy emphasizes a close strategic partnership with you over the life cycle of your projects, earning your confidence about the continuity and expectations of every job. Whether building new, renovating / upgrading, or expanding your facilities, our experts versed in the latest Construction techniques and principles incorporate your key issues when designing and executing the construction of any facility.

PARTHENON Principals have first-hand project-related experience and familiarity with the expectations and necessary commitment in executing any Major Project.  This experience is the foundation in our continued commitment to

 “use our experience to offer the right fit of professionals to get the job done, and get it done right.” – E. Trias

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Why Parthenon Corporation?

At Parthenon Corporation we provide a challenging environment with exceptional career opportunities. Our talented employees come from diverse backgrounds with varied experience, and we are dedicated to providing our people with the support they need to excel in their careers.


From our competitive benefits program and comprehensive online and traditional training curriculum to a Health and Safety program whose goal is zero workplace injuries, we believe that you’ll find a career at Parthenon to be the best work of your life. At Parthenon, there are no barriers to where your talent can lead you.



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