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Parthenon Corporation is a leading MBE & DBE certified business participating in some of Los Angeles biggest projects. committed to providing our most qualified design and construction professionals on every project. Our team's award-winning record and high rate of repeat clients is a testament of our clients' satisfaction with our performances.


Key Note Projects


Project Name:      Regional Connector Transit Project

Agency:                Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA)

Value:                   $ 928 Million

Location:              City of Los Angeles

Project Description:

Parthenon Corporation is pleased to be part of the Skanska/Traylor: Regional Connector Constructors JV (Regional Connector Constructors) is led by Skanska USA Civil West California District Inc. (Skanska) in partnership with Traylor Bros., Inc. (Traylor). Together with our lead designer Hatch Mott MacDonald, Regional Connector Constructors are world leaders in the transit, tunneling, and underground construction industries and are fully capable of successfully delivering the Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project (Regional Connector) to Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the entire Los Angeles community.


The Regional Connector Transit Corridor (Regional Connector) will enable Los Angeles County rail to operate more efficiently and attract higher ridership, thus reducing congestion, improving air quality, and lessening our carbon footprint. By linking several Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems through Downtown Los Angeles, the Regional Connector will increase regional mobility by providing access to new destinations for transit riders.


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Board of Directors accepted the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) and designated the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), clearing the way for implementation of the Regional Connector Project. The Regional Connector, a 1.9-mile fully underground line, will connect the Metro Gold Line, Blue Line, and Expo Line and provide three new underground stations.

Running under the City’s main arteries such as Flower and 2nd streets, the rail line will change the landscape of Downtown Los Angeles. With easy and quick access to the financial district, our future generations will have shorter commutes and experience less congestion. True to its name, the Regional Connector will also connect thousands living in bedroom communities of the Inland Empire and Long Beach to jobs and entertainment in Downtown Los Angeles.

Project Name:      Purple Line Extension Project

Agency:                Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA)

Value:                   $ 1.67 Billion

Location:              City of Los Angeles

Project Description:

The Westside Subway Extension project, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), would extend the existing LACMTA heavy rail system from its terminus at the Wilshire/Western Subway Station to Wilshire/La Cienga. It includes 58 vehicles and improvements to the existing Division 20 Rail Maintenance and Storage Yard to accommodate the additional vehicles. The Section 1 project is the first phase of a longer 8.9 mile, 7-station project that would extend to the Veterans Affairs West Los Angeles Medical Center, located west of Interstate 405. Due to financial constraints, LACMTA decided in November 2012 to construct the project in three phases.


The alignment will be entirely underground and primarily follow Wilshire Boulevard. By providing frequent and reliable high-capacity rail service, the Westside Subway Extension will improve travel times and transit capacity from West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, and Westwood/University of California-Los Angeles to Downtown Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Union Station, and other Los Angeles County areas.


Parthenon Corporation is pleased to be part of the Skanksa Traylor Shea (STS) Team for the Purple Line Extension (Westside Subway) project for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO). The corridor between Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica along Wilshire Boulevard has very high levels of congestion, even with extensive bus service. LACMTA currently operates routes 720 and 920 rapid bus services every two minutes during peak periods westbound and every five minutes during peak periods eastbound, in addition to local route 20-bus service. These routes currently carry over 60,000 riders daily. To accommodate existing travel demand, LACMTA recommended the long planned extension of heavy rail service as the most effective option for improving transportation capacity in the corridor, which has the highest density of population and employment in Los Angeles County.


Project Name:      6th Street Viaduct Replacement Project

Agency:                Bureau of Engineering, City of Los Angeles

Value:                   $ 320 Million

Location:              City of Los Angeles

Project Description:

Parthenon Corporation is pleased to be part of the Skanska and Stacy & Witbeck team as the successful proposer on the 6th Street Viaduct Replacement Project for the City of Los Angeles. This is a $ 320 million Construction Management / General Contractor (CMGC) project for the demolition of the existing bridge and construction of a new iconic bridge structure over the Los Angeles River, from Highway 101 to the Arts District. Some of the new bridge’s most important features include improved pedestrian access and 10 – foot wide walkways, as well as bike lanes.


Through a demanding coordination effort between Skanska / Stacy and Witbeck, Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering (LABOE) City of Los Angeles (COLA), Los Angeles River Bike Path, CALTRANS, Bureau of Contract Administration (CONAD), Department of Water and Power (DWP) and Army Corp of Engineers, the project team was able to develop an acceptable concept to incorporate the original design of connecting the Downtown gap from the Los Angeles River Bike Path to the Army Corp of Engineer’s Alternative 20 Plan. The concept addresses the need for urban parks and smart sustainable development to improve mobility, enhance safety, stimulate investment and offer communities a place to gather, recreate and connect.


Parthenon Corporation is proud to be an integral member of the Skanska and Stacy & Witbeck Team and is participating in various aspects of this $ 320 Million project.


Some of the new bridge’s most important features include improved pedestrian access and 10-foot wide walkways; a Viaduct Park which will increase the recreational green space available to Boyle Heights residents; Improved access to the Los Angeles River; and the Arts Plaza which will be a dynamic urban gathering place and a catalyst for economic growth. The new Sixth Street is a rare transformative opportunity for the City of Los Angeles.


Project Name:      Mullin Transportation Design Center

Agency:                Art Center College Design

Value:                   $ 22.3 Million

Location:              City of Pasadena

Project Description:

Originally a supersonic wind tunnel, the site is being transformed by Darin Johnstone Architects (DJA) into a suite of educational spaces to facilitate research, experimentation and cutting-edge design, providing full-scale vehicular access that replicates the experiences of professional design studios.  

When the renovation is complete, the Mullin Center will showcase 31,000 square feet of specialized labs, classrooms, exhibition spaces, studios and offices. It has been envisioned with a number of hovering elements that appear to float within the wind tunnel, including a flex lecture space and viewing deck on the mezzanine level that floats above a fabrication studio and Vehicle Architecture Lab on level one, and a curved ramping gallery connecting to level two that slips around and floats over an Art and Process Lab framing the upper division Undergraduate Studio.



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