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Website Disclaimer

The information and materials contained on this web site may only be considered ADVERTISMENT and used for ADVERTISING PURPOSES. Parthenon Corporation prohibits the use of any and all information and materials on this website to be used or referenced or legal basis as a complete and/or absolute depiction of the professional services that Parthenon provides or may potentially provide. These materials are not intended to be a complete or accurate or specific description of services performed and is offered for informational purposes only; further the contents of this website are not for the purpose of validating or providing any professional, technical, or legal advice. Your use of this web site does not create any form of legal basis of information or a of business/client relationship between you and Parthenon Corporation.  While we are happy to have you contact us, merely contacting Parthenon Corporation or any Parthenon staff does not create any form of validation of professional services or a business/client relationship until an agreement has been reached and executed between you and the firm to handle a specific matter for specific scope of services.  

The hiring of an administrative or professional consultant is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask to meet with us or request to have us send you free written information specifically tailored to address your exact needs about our qualifications and experience.

Parthenon Corporation does not desire to represent itself or make any generalized representations based upon viewing this web site, and in a jurisdiction in which this web site fails to comply with all laws and ethical rules of that jurisdiction.

You may not take, and/or you should refrain from taking, any information or attempt to take any business or legal action based upon the information contained in this web site without first seeking professional counsel. To the extent permitted by law, Parthenon Corporation disclaims liability to any person or business entity for any loss which may arise from relying upon or by using information contained in this site.  Although the information on this web site is intended to be current and accurate, it is not guaranteed or promised to be current, accurate, or complete.  Should this Internet site contain links to other web sites, Parthenon Corporation makes no guarantees or promises regarding these web sites and does not necessarily endorse or approve of their content.  

This web site, the name Parthenon Corporation, and the logos used on this web site are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other jurisdictions.  You may print a copy of any part of this web site for your own personal, noncommercial reference, but you may not copy any part of the web site for any other business purpose, you may not cite any of its content as true and absolute, and you may not modify any part of this web site.  Inclusion of any part of this web site in another work product, whether in printed, electronic, email, or other form, or inclusion of any part of the web site in another web site by linking, framing, or otherwise without the express permission of Parthenon Corporation is prohibited.

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