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Our Company

Parthenon Corporation is a CUCP - certified SBE and DBE firm, along with a host of other agency certifications, and has been considered a premier program management / construction management firm in Southern California. We are proud to offer our clients a host of comprehensive professional services including, program management oversight, project management, construction management, inspection services, staff augmentation, and project controls to enable us to effectively manage project scopes, and provide controls for project budgets and master schedules for our clients.

Parthenon also has a division of information technology professionals that are experienced in offering software technology solutions to interface and support our client's IT needs. This allows us to blend innovative and sustainable solutions to address any unique challenge. We are proud to draw from leading professional and technical experts from various sectors including transportation, building infrastructure, technology, tenant improvement, and major utilities to utilize throughout a project's life cycle.

Our Core Principles

Our core principles form the foundation of how we work together to serve our clients.


  • Service: Parthenon puts its clients first. We listen to better understand our clients' needs and deliver smart, cost-effective solutions.

  • Excellence: Parthenon brings superior technical capability and excellence in safety and quality to all of our work.

  • Value: Parthenon takes on our clients' problems as if they were our own. We develop and implement real-world solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and practical.

  • Opportunity: Our people are our number one asset. Our workforce is diverse and includes leading experts in our fields. Our entrepreneurial nature and commitment to success provide challenges and opportunities for all of our associates.

Our People

Parthenon’s professionals make-up our organization. It is the combined experience and effort that our team members have made to propel Parthenon as a premier management firm. We take pride in identifying and hiring strong professionals. Concurrently, we pride ourselves in invest in fostering a strong, rewarding environment that promotes both professional and personal growth, in hopes to foster mutual loyalties.


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To the extent permitted by law, Parthenon Corporation disclaims liability to any person or business entity for any loss which may arise from relying upon or by attempting to use any information contained in this site for any reason other than an advertisement of potential services.  Please see                            for full disclosure.

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