In a world dominated by increasing change and a demand for safety and efficiency, Parthenon’s airports and aviation practice offers a broad range of consulting and project management services relating to planning, engineering design, construction, airport and air carrier operations, airport and airline safety and environmental management, and program support services.


The design and construction of aviation facility projects present unique challenges to planners and construction managers. Operations in busy passenger, vehicular and runway areas must be unaffected, and public safety is crucial. In addition, security measures required by both the facility and the federal government must be maintained during construction. Parthenon’s team members have successfully completed myriad aviation facility projects, for every stage from planning studies through construction completion. We offer a range of services for aviation clients, delivering the highest level of quality to meet industry standards and to accomplish project schedule and budget goals.


Our employees have participated in and successfully completed assignments for airlines, government agencies, airports, and navigational facilities throughout North America. We use the latest modeling tools to implement safe and harmonized procedures, allowing pilots and controllers to achieve efficiency gains on the ground while maintaining the highest level of safety.





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