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Construction Management

Parthenon Corporation is consistently ranked as one of the top construction management firms in Southern California - having completed major projects with billions of dollars in total construction value. Our expertise encompasses every stage of our clients’ projects - from preconstruction planning and complete construction oversight to post-construction closeout.


Successful construction management demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. Parthenon's professionals are not only credentialed; they have seasoned, hands-on experience in the construction industry. This experience, gained in the trenches of construction projects across the globe, gives our project teams the practical knowledge they need to effectively manage virtually any type of capital project.


Parthenon's CM teams include: construction managers, resident engineers, construction superintendents, estimators, schedulers, inspectors, contract administrators and construction claims avoidance experts. With decades of experience working on projects around the world, Parthenon's staff brings a unique set of capabilities when serving as the owner’s representative, ensuring compliance with design specifications and contract terms, while carefully managing risks and controlling costs. In this role, we provide procurement, monitor progress, cost, and quality of ongoing construction projects, and oversee construction contractors. In addition, we provide value engineering, quality assurance/quality control and dispute resolution.


We are committed to achieving the highest safety standards on all our projects, using proven, leading-edge technologies and behavior-based safety practices to reduce risks to our employees, clients, and surrounding communities.


Services Provided:


Construction / Project Management                                              Utility Coordination


Project Controls                                                                          Quality Control and Quality Assurance


CPM Scheduling                                                                          Document Management and Control


Cost Estimating                                                                          Value Engineering


Change Order Management                                                         Contructability Review


Contract Administration                                                               Construction Storm Water Services


Safety Program and Performance Monitoring                                  Claims and Dispute Resolution


Inspection Services                                                                     Specialty Inspection Services


DSA Inspection Services





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