Decommissioning and Closure

Parthenon Corporation staff has extensive expertise providing decommissioning and closure services to government agencies, as well as to industrial, oil and gas, power, and mining companies. Our highly skilled experts in hazardous and industrial waste cleanup, along with our application of rigorous safety procedures, enable us to deliver effective and responsible solutions to our clients’ project closeout needs.


Parthenon Corporation remediates, decommissions, and closes oil and gas facilities that are no longer operational. We also provide decommissioning, decontamination, and asset recovery for refineries, processing plants, off-shore platforms, pipelines, and service and supply stations.


Our work serving the power industry encompasses virtually every service related to the decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear power plants and reactor units. This includes project planning and management through procurement, construction, reactor defueling, environmental management, waste disposal and cleanup. In addition, our experience building and retrofitting nuclear power plants, along with our expertise replacing major components at these facilities, provide us with a unique set of capabilities to dismantle and decommission plants ready for closure.


Services Provided:


Asset Recovery and Evaluation                                             Reclamation


Decontamination                                                                Site Assessments


Environmental Remediation                                                 Structure Assessments


Industrial Waste Removal Management                                Structure and Facility Demolition Management


Pipeline Removal Management                                            Waste Treatment and Disposal


Quality Assurance / Quality Control