Environmental Health & Safety Management

Environmental Planning and Assessment

Parthenon Corporation helps clients navigate through the maze of complex regulatory challenges by providing detailed environmental impact assessments that quickly identify and refine alternative solutions.  We provide rigorous environmental risk assessments, environmental monitoring, ecological assessments, remedial investigations and feasibility studies to identify and evaluate options and validate mitigation strategies.


We have a proven track record in partnering with our clients to create and maintain a cooperative working environment with regulators to ensure ongoing compliance and facilitate waste management, pollution control and cost-effective closures.


Parthenon Corporation helps create and shape sustainable communities through urban design assessments and research, stakeholder engagement plans, growth management strategies, plan reviews, policy development, identification of infrastructural needs investments and land use responses.


Environmental, Health and Safety

Parthenon provides environmental, health and safety management services to assist clients through each stage of their business lifecycle. We routinely support our clients in issues related to due diligence, compliance assurance, contaminated land, water conservation, climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Services Provided:


Brownfield Studies                                                          UST Closure Investigators and Fueling System Design


Phase I & II Site Assessments                                          Water and Wastewater Treatment Design


Environmental Impact Statements & Permitting                  Asbestos / Lead Survey and Design


Remedial Investigations                                                   Industrial Hygene and IAQ Studies


Remedial System Design, Construction and O&M                Turnarounds (TAR's)