Parthenon is proud of our team members that help create treatment and healing environments for people with healthcare needs. Designing and constructing healthcare environments requires more than a list of hospital construction management and building processes. It requires on-the-ground experience that comes from years of bringing healthcare construction projects to reality. Relationships built among the design and building teams and hospital staff, are critical. An outside-the-box approach to ensure the safety of not just Parthenon employees and partners, but each and everyone who comes in contact with the project site, is a must.  Close coordination with hospital staff to ensure the free flow of operations without being hindered by construction is a necessity.


Sensitive to the unique construction related issues, within healthcare & laboratory facilities, Parthenon has the expertise to meet the operational, technical, and patient care challenges of our clients. Of paramount importance is the need to maintain critical support systems and to isolate work zones during construction within operational healthcare or research facilities. The comfort and safety of patients, family, and staff are paramount. Parthenon’s construction / program managers and professional engineers combine their experience to provide a total project perspective that allows construction to proceed in a coordinated manner. We have a particular expertise in ensuring minimal interruption to existing services during the renovation process. We also provide staff augmentation services such as “owner’s rep” and on projects where the evolving CM-at-Risk / CMGC / GC delivery method is used.






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