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Higher Education / K12

Higher Education

Parthenon Corporation is the leading provider of program / construction management services for educational facilities throughout the western United States. With vast experience in both modernization and new construction projects, we are especially committed to the management of higher education facilities.


Parthenon Corporation is involved in managing billions in educational projects, as our team members have completed thousands of projects, from programs incorporating information technology, planning and construction of major university campuses, to program and construction management for the some of the largest Community College bond programs in California.


Our higher education portfolio includes all types of college and university projects. From student centers, labs, libraries, advanced research facilities and classroom buildings to residence halls, performing arts centers, telecommunication networks and power plants, our staff have tackled some of the most difficult assignments in higher education. Parthenon specializes in the strategies that matter most to education systems today, with significant experience in alternative project delivery methods to jumpstart projects cost effectively and sustainable design considerations to protect our children and the environment.



K – 12

No other firm can match Parthenon’s experience in K-12 school facilities, nor the level of commitment we have to offer. These projects have involved considerable coordination between district planners, regulatory agencies, community and user groups, advisory committees, design consultants and dozens of other participants.


Parthenon is the leading provider of program, project and construction management services for K-12 educational bond programs. In our educational practice, our scope of work ranges from program and construction management support for the Los Angeles Unified School District's $25 billion bond program to our staff's background in providing program, project, and construction management for some of the largest educational bond programs in California. Our team is well versed in all facets of bond management and we will work as a seamless part of your organization to ensure the end result meets your expectations, schedule and budget.


Our educational projects have included complete program management, needs assessments, constructability review, project scheduling and budgeting, bidding, award, on-site construction management and project close-out. We have also carried out architect, contractor and other professional consultant selection. Our talented people possess the skills necessary to ensure everyone works together and that your goals are met in the most efficient manner possible.





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