Judicial and Correctional

Parthenon’s team members have successfully completed a wide variety of courthouses, police precincts, and detention facility projects. Our professionals are fully conversant with the unique characteristics that these building types present, such as maintaining separation between staff, public, and detainees; safety, security and privacy considerations; and the maintenance of ongoing facility operations throughout construction. Our understanding of judicial and correctional operations, combined with our extensive design expertise and construction management capabilities, translates to projects that are delivered on time and within budget.


Our professionals recognize our responsibility as steward of the public trust relative to meeting schedule and capital budget requirements, as well as in reducing the long-term cost of operations. We work with our clients to understand how the system works today in terms of policy and procedure, and to tailor staffing patterns and operational budgets to our design solutions. We have worked with our clients to introduce innovative solutions such as maximizing housing unit service delivery; video visiting/video court appearance; and tele-medicine. We have also assisted clients in evaluating alternatives to incarceration and in tracking performance metrics for such projects.


Our project teams have managed construction with city, county and federal organizations to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of the community. These construction and renovation projects have seen a greater emphasis on security than ever before. Our staff is familiar with the latest in security technology and can help select building security packages that meet the public's increased interest in safety.





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