Power and Utilities

Worldwide demand in the energy market continues to grow, with developing markets consuming energy as fast as it can be produced. Utilities are faced with an ongoing need to modernize congested and aging infrastructure that cannot meet rising demand. Parthenon specializes in designing and supporting the infrastructure to meet the industry’s challenging and complex problems and regulations. Many of our professionals have worked in the industry, enabling us to offer a network of world-class services to meet your need for dependable, mission-critical applications and services.


We are a preferred partner for power and utility companies nationwide, as well as for private companies and public institutions serving their priorities for cost-effective, efficient, high-quality solutions as we support them in a vast range of energy projects. From power generation, transmission and distribution, power production and telecommunications, we build pilot facilities, greenfield plants, and associated infrastructure, as well as assist our clients to expand capacity or extend the life of existing assets and plants. Our team members have also designed and managed projects in hydropower, nuclear, solar and advanced utility relocations.


Our deep understanding of the regulatory environment that our clients operate in means we can help them plan long term to suit their business needs and priorities. We also have the experience, geographic reach, and technical skills to help clients expand into new regions, bring plants online, improve safety measures, and implement renewable energy programs.


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