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Parthenon has significant public facility project experience that includes providing program and construction management services on municipal administration buildings, public multi-family housing units, sports complexes, libraries, police stations, courthouses, hospitals and public health labs, and parks and recreation facilities. Our team members have experience in working for states, counties, and cities as well as numerous municipal agencies throughout the California. Because we focus on public sector work, we understand the issues involved in public projects including funding; fiscal responsibility; community relations and stakeholders; and agency regulations, policies, and procedures.


Whether called upon to manage new facilities or update existing ones, our team members understand the special requirements of public clients. Because of our extensive experience in the full range of government building types our projects frequently fulfill government imperatives for sustainability, security and other special criteria. As a result, Parthenon helps public owners be successful stewards of taxpayer resources.


Tailored services - We match our approach to client needs. Parthenon has supported ongoing capital programs and single management-intensive projects with equal skill as a one-source for local, state and federal agencies’ construction, helping to increase control and optimize staff efforts. Parthenon’s cost-effective services range from early planning and design through program and construction management – everything your busy public agency needs to get a project from the drawing board to the dedication ceremony.


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To the extent permitted by law, Parthenon Corporation disclaims liability to any person or business entity for any loss which may arise from relying upon or by attempting to use any information contained in this site for any reason other than an advertisement of potential services.  Please see                            for full disclosure.

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