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Construction is one of the world’s most difficult and challenging endeavors, and big projects can carry big risks. A simple oversight from any of the thousand of different tasks on a project can result in potential issues from serious schedule delays to cost overruns. With stakes so high, it is crucial that the proper controls are established at the onset so that every step of a project can be managed effectively.

The delivery of each quality-focus project -- on-budget and on-schedule -- is our primary objective for every client. Our staff of experienced construction professionals has been recognized for its responsiveness to the needs of our clients and their projects. With our support and investment in the latest technology and project controls software, we utilize a proactive approach to identify and resolve key schedule and cost impacts. Parthenon’s core philosophy is “Manage each project like we own it.” Parthenon’s team of professionals proactively lead, challenge, motivate and direct teams to generate superb results that mitigate risk, and achieve our clients’ goals. We are our clients biggest advocates and take great pride and ownership in everything we do.


Our reputation has been built on understanding these needs and developing open communication among the design and construction team as well as all project stakeholders. We continuously train our staff as required, in the fundamentals of project management, and focus this training on coordinating and completing construction projects in these and challenging and changing environments.

Program Management
  • Program Management

  • Master Planning

  • (CPM) Master Integrated Scheduling

  • Budgeting

  • Delivery Approach Analysis

  • Master Contracts

  • Design Standards

  • Risk Management

  • Plans and Procedures

  • Phase / Logistics Plan

Project Controls
  • Planning and Resource Allocation 

  • Critical Path Methodology (CPM) Scheduling

  • Cost Estimating

  • Budget Management

  • Cost Engineering

  • Risk Assessment

  • Contingency Allocation Management

  • Claims Mitigation

  • Document Management and Control

  • Executive and Status Reporting

Planning & Consulting
  • Urban and Regional Planning

  • Transit and Transportation Planning

  • Pre - design Infrastructure Feasibility and Concept Planning

  • Environmental Studies and Impacts Planning

  • Economic Impact and Socio - economic Assessment

  • Brownfields and Under - utilitzed Real Estate Redevelopment Planning

Disaster Response Management
  • Immediate Response

  • Emergency Management Planning

  • Risk Assessment

  • Asset Inventory and Inspection

  • Hazard Mitigation

  • Resiliency Planning

  • Coastal Protection

  • Logistical Analysis

  • Funding and Application Assessment, Processing, and Facilitation

  • FEMA Project Development and Presentation

  • Extension of Staff



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